The Bruce Kapson Gallery, opened in 1982, specializes in the vintage photographic works of Edward S. Curtis. We focus on Curtis's Master Prints, vintage Goldtone Prints, and Masterwork Copper Photogravure Printing Plates, as well as the Indigenous Arts of the Americas. 


We are now exhibiting and making available for acquisition the world's foremost collection of vintage original Edward S. Curtis Goldtone Prints, 19 Goldtones in total, 17 of which are from an individual family's collection, never before appearing on the market or available for sale. Contact the gallery for additional details or to view the collection by appointment. Please click here to view the collection:


Mr. Kapson is now widely regarded as one of the leading authorities on the photographic works of Curtis and the source for his vintage works—his Gallery offers only rare work in pristine condition.


Bruce Kapson was captivated by the vintage work of Edward S. Curtis the first time he saw it while still in college. “I was 18 years old, driving cross country, and I stopped in a poster gallery outside Tucson, Arizona. There, I spotted a group of photographs of American Indians that literally took my breath away. I bought them on the spot with the money I’d saved for travel. The trip was short-circuited, but I never looked back.” That singular moment of discovery lead to a collection of the photographic works of Edward S. Curtis, decades of study and research into the remarkable life of this genius of an artist and, as well, a lifelong passion for the peoples, cultures, arts, and artifacts of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas.