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The Gallery welcomes all inquiries about Vintage Curtis works whether for purchase or consignment. Bruce Kapson Gallery has conducted extensive research on the Master Exhibition Prints and the Copper Photogravure Printing Plates, and as a Curtis curator and independent research scholar, Kapson offers appraisal services to major institutional and private collections around the world.





I was 18 years old, driving cross country, I stopped in a poster gallery outside Tucson, Arizona where I spotted a group of vintage photographs of American Indians the like of which I had never seen before. They took my breath away. I found out they were by Edward S. Curtis, and I bought them on the spot with all the money I’d saved for travel. The trip was short-circuited, but I never looked back. That was the beginning of my passion for Curtis. and I began research into the historic importance of this man’s life’s work.


I opened my gallery featuring Curtis, the most influential photographer of the American West, in 1982. Today the Bruce Kapson Gallery is one of the leading authorities on this early 20th-century photographer whose lasting vision would forever change the way the world views the American Indian. We specialize in Curtis’s vintage photographic works, focusing on the Master Prints and Masterwork Copper Photogravure Printing Plates.

- Bruce Kapson