CLAIRE GUILLOT, Le Monde, November 3, 2015

A selection so as not to get lost among the hundreds of thousands of photos offered by the great fixed image fair at the Grand Palais this weekend.


Photographer Edward S. Curtis marked the history of photography with his portraits of American Indians, which he wanted to immortalize in majesty, at the beginning of the 20th century, when their tribes were already decimated and their traditions in way of perdition. Even if it means falling into folklore and forgetting the reality of their living conditions at the time ... There are still beautiful prints of all kinds today, because this great shooter liked to experiment with photographic techniques (cyanotypes, platinum or gold turns ...). He also left behind a twenty-volume luxury book,The North American Indian, which has become almost impossible to find.The Louise Alexander gallery offers period prints but also the very finely engraved copper plaques that were used by Edward Curtis to make his book -not a work in itself, but a price document.


Bruce Kapson Gallery (Los Angeles), booth C44