Edward S. Curtis American, 1868-1952

Edward S. Curtis published The North American Indian between 1907 and 1930. The work comprises 20 Volumes (books) of narrative text and small-format photogravure print images. Each Volume is illustrated with approximately 75 individual images (and is accompanied by a Portfolio of 35 to 39 large format photogravure prints).Together, the 20 Volumes have over 5,000 pages of text written by Curtis in addition to extensive transcriptions of language and music contained in the Appendixes. 


The North American Indian is the most comprehensive artistic and ethnographic record of the North American Indian tribal groups living west of the Mississippi River. This landmark publication contains a total 2,223 photographs taken in the field by Curtis over a 30-year period. 


Over 82 percent of the original sets of The North American Indian are held in institutional and private rare-book collections. Occasionally a full set of The North American Indian or individual Volumes are offered through public or private sale.