These ten rare and historic pieces of Zuni inlaid jewelry, the five Knifewing designs made by John Gordon Leak, also known as J. G. Leekety, and five the Rainbow Dancer designs made by Merle Edaakie, also known as Merle Edokakie, are representative of the very finest achievements in the art of Zuni jewelry. All ten pieces were made for and purchased by Robert Wallace, of the renowned Zuni trading family between, 1938 and 1946.

The collection consists of three strikingly beautiful Knifewing design bracelets and two Knifewing design pins made by the Zuni Master John Gordon Leak in 1938. John Gordon Leak is considered one of the best of the first generation of Zuni stone carving and inlay artists. Leak is best known for figures inlaid into a black jet background. While others at Zuni used this same technique, his work stands above them all. His work was prominently featured in the 1975 Sotheby's auction of the C.G. Wallace collection and his work is both highly collectible and sought after.

The five wonderful Rainbow Dancer design pins were made by Merle Edaakie in 1946. Merle Edaakie's work is less well known than that of John Gordon Leak but he is considered a very significant first-generation Zuni lapidary artist. Merle Edaakie also worked for C.G. Wallace and his work appeared in the 1975 Sotheby's auction of the C.G. Wallace collection.

I am the third owner of this rare and amazing collection which has not appeared on the market since 1988.
For the very first time, the classic pieces in this historic collection are now being made available for purchase on an individual basis.